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Intelligent Mobility Platform

for Business Transformation


When AIMO builds our robot as a MOBILITY PLATFORM, this robot is meant to be smart, tough, versatile and outperform. Its mission is to execute intelligent and sophisticated jobs to transform your business processes.

 AIMO, the “Intelligent Mobility Platform
for Business Transformation”.


AIMO could be the
super-security guard who can

  • make intelligent decision on the floor all the time

  • detect abnormality with precision tools 

  • perform large area visual recognition and thermal detection

  • patrol day and night, hot or wet, tirelessly

Self Patrolling

Auto none stop patrolling in a pre-defined path

Remote Control Driving

Using 5G to allow remote control driving from a remote control center

Auto Recharge
360 Degree Video Surveillance With Night Vision
Auto Ostacle Avoidance
AI Capability

Based on the pre-defined setting,
auto return to recharge.

360 degree video to store in the vehicle or remote viewing

Either stop or go around obstacles with safety measures build in

Additional AI capabilities can be implemented

Face Recognition

Perform face recognition if allowed,
for various applications

Vehicle Management

Vehicle license plate recognition, parking violation, etc.

Help Button

Allow customers to ask for help by pushing the button.

Voice/Video Broadcasting

Ability to remote download or activate voice and video broadcasting






More durable, robust and reliable in performing long-distance, long-shift outdoor tasks


Flexible Driving

Supplement Auto-driving along pre-set routes with manual Remote-driving to cope with contingencies and urgent assignments



Integrate seamlessly with AI and IoT devices to execute a broad range of intelligent and sophisticated jobs precisely


Big Data

Provide analytics and intelligence on collected data through interactive management dashboard 

AIMO 301


Proven Use Cases

Shopping Mall Management
Public Security/
Property/Facility Management
Open Area Patrolling

About Us

AIMO aims at becoming the world’s leading Intelligent Mobility Platform for Business Transformation. 

Unlike other autonomous mobile robots (AMR), our mobility platform centers on higher specifications for required robustness, durability, reliability and stability in tough, long-distance outdoor environment, on performance of sophisticated and logically complicated tasks driven by AI-enabled applications and integration with third party’s business systems, and on modularized, highly configurable hardware platform which offers unlimited IoT and device combinations.

AIMO positions our head office in Hong Kong for its international business expansion.  Driving its fast growth are hands-on executives with proven track records in multinational companies, startups and venture capital investments, and supported by industry talents across a wide range of skillsets and expertise.

AIMO founders since day one build its products with unmet requirements in business process automation in mind.  To ensure achieving this mission, we have invested in our own design, engineering and manufacturing infrastructure and capabilities.  We can upgrade, adapt and customize  our robots at will seamlessly.



AIMO, backed by strong investors and initial deployment success, has ambitious plan to expand our business internationally. 

We are looking for established local entrepreneurs of shared vision and motivation in related industries from international markets as our distribution partners.  For interested parties please email to us for further discussion.

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